Verify a CRNA/NSPM Credential

The credential search tool below serves as a primary source verification from the NBCRNA for certification and recertification information.

For public and patient safety, the NBCRNA provides a platform to verify certification for any nurse anesthetist.

It is the policy of the NBCRNA to make credential status (Certification and CPC compliance) available to the public. Requests for Nurse Anesthesia Educational Program Transcripts and Certification and/or CPC compliance Verification to State Boards of Nursing can be made through the NBCRNA Login. Please login and submit your request.

The following information can be verified for nurse anesthetists:

  • ID number
  • Date of initial certification*
  • Current status and effective dates

*Verification of initial certification also provides verification that the individual graduated from a nurse anesthesia educational program accredited by the Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Education Programs prior to the NBCRNA, (or its predecessor) granting the CRNA credential. Any nurse anesthetist wishing to obtain a copy of his/her nurse anesthesia educational record or an official university transcript, should contact the nurse anesthesia educational program. For any questions, please contact the NBCRNA at 855-285-7762.

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